Those Epic Meltdowns Don't Have to be Quite So Epic.

In her new book, Dr. Hershberg helps you tune in to your toddler’s mind (and your own) to calm the craziness and make family fun again.

The talk of the Town

Dr. Hershberg and Dr. Locker are intimately familiar with the challenges parents face, both through their years of experience helping parents from all walks of life and through their first-hand adventures with their own (combined) five children. They are frequently consulted about the challenges and joys of raising young children, and have written and been quoted on a range of topics, from managing toddler behavior, to preparing for a family move, to interrupting the preschool-to-prison pipeline.

Parenting isn't easy (but it can be a bit easier)

On her blog at Psychology Today, Parenting While Human, Dr. Hershberg guides you through some common parenting challenges and helps you communicate with your kids about hot-button issues that may be beyond their full understanding.